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Quick Smokey Eye with Lorac Pro

October 6, 2015

I haven’t done a smokey eye in almost a year. For some reason I don’t feel comfortable in the application of it, so I never try… but in school this past week we learned how to do a smokey eye, so I felt a little more confident in myself this time around. I’ve done a post on a smokey eye before (here), but seeing as I used a limited edition holiday palette to do it, I figured I’d update with a more popular palette: Lorac Pro.

Now, this isn’t a dramatic smokey eye… it’s more like a quick every day, office appropriate smokey eye. Well, I think it’s office appropriate. You be the judge. (I paired it with a red lipstick because I can, that’s why.)



So, I’m obnoxiously pale and it’s only October… can’t wait to see what shade of Casper I’ll look like in December. Sorry if my glaringly white skin burns your eyes (it happens).


I created this look using 4 shadows– 2 matte, 2 shimmer (I think that creates a nice balance).

1. Apply Sable to your crease and a little above the crease, and blend. Blend a lot. Then blend some more.

2. Add a small amount of Espresso to your crease to darken it up as well as the outer corner, and blend the heck out of that as well. I also used this shade with a damp brush to line my upper and lower lash line.

3. Pat Lt. Bronze all over your lid, then softly blend into previous shades.

4. Add Champagne as a highlight under the brow bone and on the inner corners of eyes.

Finished! You could easily turn this into a nighttime look by further darkening up the crease with Espresso, then adding the shade Pewter all over the lid. Maybe I’ll try that soon and post some photos to Instagram? Hmmm.

Do you like to wear a smokey eye?




Pretty Easy Liquid Liner

October 1, 2015


I’ve been using the same felt-tip liquid liner from L’Oreal for 8 years now. Recently I repurchased that liner in a hurry, and realized only after I got home and thrown the receipt away that I purchased brown liquid liner. Which, I do like… but I needed black.

One of my friends at school happens to work at the Clinique counter and told me about their Pretty Easy liner. I was a little incredulous at first, since I’d already found one I’d been devoted to for so long, but since I had a gift card I thought, why not give it a go.


I definitely prefer a felt-tip liner over a brush liner. For me, I feel I have more control with a felt tip vs. brush, whereas I know others feel the complete opposite. This particular liner is a perfect cross between felt tip and brush, though. It makes the precise wing tips incredibly easy. No longer do I need to spend 20 freakin’ minutes trying to get my left wing looking as nice as my right wing. Nope. This liner seriously is so easy to use that I’ve never had a, “WHYYYYYYY,” moment with it.

Also, it never starts to dry out on me. You know how some felt tips, or even brush tips, dry out and you have to shake them or dip them into their container again? Not with this one, which obviously saves more time. And, and, and, it absolutely doesn’t skip along my eyelids (admittedly, the L’Oreal one I love so much does skip). After using this baby for the past week, it makes me wonder why I ever used anything else.

It is a little more on the high end as far as price goes, at $19.50, BUT, it is worth every penny.

What’s your favorite liquid liner?



PS: I haven’t been able to get on my blog much since school started, so I haven’t checked my stats in a while– but I surpassed 50,000 views recently, and I want to say thank you so much to my readers for all the love and support over the past year!


My Fall Essentials

September 21, 2015

I’m a basic girl when it comes to fall. I don’t care to admit it. I love my pumpkin spice lattes, long knit sweaters, boots, plum lipsticks, you know. Basic. I don’t know why we give that such a negative sounding label… what’s not to love about fall?

Here’s primarily what my wardrobe consists of during fall and winter. Neutral browns, blacks, and some plum lipsticks, a light matte foundation, and fall inspired eye shadows.fallfaves

I love wearing a camel coat during fall/winter, because it goes with practically anything. It can be dressed up or down, but I mostly dress it down because I’m a frump and I like it that way. I especially love wearing oversized knit sweaters, because that means I can stock up on all the lattes and sweets and no one will notice my expanding belly until spring time. I can easily pretend like I tried to look ‘put together’ in my huge sweaters by simply adding some cute knee-high boots and a nicer handbag (I received a similar bag for Christmas last year!). Voila. Cute, yet cozy.

As far as makeup, my go-to for fall/winter is alwayyyys the Lorac Unzipped Palette. I wrote a review about it, here. It has all the colors you need to create a light or heavy autumn inspired look. When fall comes around I like to keep my foundations on the more matte side. I have no idea why, since my skin is dry and becomes more dry during fall/winter, but matte is what I like… so I reach for my Laura Mercier Flawless Fluide foundation every time (I also wrote a review about this one, here). And lastly, no fall look is complete without a dark, plum lip. I love the Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Plum Paradise. It’s matte, yet creamy, and has great staying power.

Welcome to my basic life. I kinda like it. What does your wardrobe look like during fall?